Date: Tue, 2 May 2006 18:29:39 -0700 (PDT)
From: Sema Karaoglu <Daughters_of_Ataturk AT yahoo DOT com>

The company that was interested in distributing "Armenian Revolt" on DVD has decided against doing so; they decided the program was too controversial. Therefore, the program will not be available via However, I will continue to distribute "Revolt" under the Third Coast Films label, and continue marketing it for broadcast and DVD distribution worldwide. If you have any contacts in the Turkish media community who may be interested in broadcasting the program, please let me know. Do you know anyone involved with Imaj TV in Istanbul?

"Armenian Revolt" is available at $10 apiece on DVD. I also have another one-hour program, "Protest: Turks, Armenians & Genocide," which is a chronicle of the Turkish-American and Armenian-American protests that were held in DC during April 2005. It includes several interviews with people on both sides, and has a lot of protest footage as well. This program is also available on DVD at $10 apiece.

So, please forward the following info to any interested organizations:


Two one-hour programs, "Armenian Revolt: 1894-1920" and "Protest: Turks, Armenians & Genocide" are available on DVD at $10 apiece from Third Coast Films:

"Armenian Revolt" examines the story of the Hunchak and Dashnak revolutionary parties, the armed revolt launched by Armenian rebels against the Ottoman Empire in the 1890s, and the civil war and world war that followed. The program ends with the story of the Turkish war for independence, the establishment of the Turkish Republic, and the absorption of the Armenian Republic into the Soviet Union.

"Protest: Turks, Armenians & Genocide" chronicles two protests held in Washington, D.C. during April 2005: one by Armenian-Americans and the other -- for the first time -- by Turkish-Americans. Several individuals from each protest are interviewed, and the program includes footage of the Armenian protest in front of the Turkish Embassy, and the Turkish protests at Lafayette Square and Sheridan Circle (near the Armenian Embassy).

Combined orders for 20 or more copies get a 10 percent discount; 40 or more copies, 20 percent. Please send a check or money order, made payable to Third Coast Films, to the following address:

   Third Coast Films
   P.O. Box 664
   Clarion, PA  16214
Credit card or online orders cannot be accepted.

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