Ken Ashby's College Football Rankings

AccuRatings are calculated in an Excel spreadsheet from game scores and statistics. To predict scoring margin, subtract Point Spread (PS) values after adding four points to the home team. To predict total points, add Over/Under (OU) values. Overall, offensive, defensive, and schedule strength rankings are also displayed.

AccuRatings are: Adv/Oth/Mix/I-A

  1. I re-iterate the calculations (including strength of schedule) until stabilization.
  2. I use a combination of win percent, scoring margin, home advantage, yardage stats, schedule strength, and previous season adjusted for personnel losses.
  3. My PS and OU values are purely predictive. My ranking values begin the season as purely predictive and end as purely retrodictive, gradually phasing out previous season, scoring margins and yardage stats.

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