Lee Burdorf's College Football Rankings

My ratings are calculated on a weekly basis and I use the previous week's ratings and go from there. It is a constantly adjusting method after each week. I used to call them the Current Strength Ratings because I feel that is what they reflect, the current strength of each team as of their last game. The margin of victory is used but I have a limit as to how much a blowout can count. I use the home field advantage and whether they win or lose is not figured in. At the beginning of the season, I always used returning starters to help me decide on a beginning rating. It's very primitive compared to some of the complicated ratings systems. But I challenge anyone for accuracy in predicting games. I think the Las Vegas spread is the most accurate system around and I am usually within a point or two of Las Vegas on 70-80 percent of the games. I only rank the I-a schools although I have ratings for the I-aa so that I can rate the I-a schools when they play them. My website is a little raw looking but I haven't gotten into the computer thing enough yet. I still figure my ratings by hand with a pencil and paper and have for about 40 years.

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