College Teams Windows Icons

Most of these icons were created by (Eddie Howell)

      These icons are for MS Windows. They will not show up on Mosaic.
      Download them and then boot Windows if you want to see them.

  1. Arkansas Razorbacks

  2. Alabama Crimson Tide

  3. Colorado Buffalos

  4. Clemson Tigers

  5. Florida State Seminoles

  6. Indiana

  7. Iowa Hawkeyes and another

  8. Miami Hurricanes

  9. Michigan Wolverines

  10. Michigan State Spartans and another and another

  11. Miss State Bulldogs

  12. Notre Dame Fightin' Irish

  13. Penn State Nitanny Lions

  14. Texas A+M Aggies

  15. University of Florida Fightin' Gators

  16. University of Georgia Bulldogs

  17. University of Kentucky Wildcats

  18. University of South Carolina Gamecocks

  19. Vanderbilt Commodores

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