Armenian Genocide Links

Justin McCarthy's talk

Dr. Justin A. McCarthy

Tall Armenian Tale

In Istanbul, a Crack In the Wall of Denial by Elif Shafak (see also Turks charge UA professor over her novel, Top novelist acquitted in Turkey and Writers on Trial)

Armenian Genocide Centennial website

Revisiting the Armenian Genocide by Guenter Lewy from the Fall 2005 issue of The Middle East Quarterly

Turkey finally hears its past by Henry Morgenthau III

The TV show


Truth is within Armenian life stories from 1910's

Armenian Revolt DVD

Armenian Massacres: New Records Undercut Old Blame: Reexamining History by Edward J. Erickson from the Summer 2006 issue of The Middle East Quarterly

Press release on A Shameful Act: The Armenian Genocide and the Question of Turkish Responsibility by Taner Akçam. See also Turkish Scholars Friendly to Genocide by Tall Armenian Tale and Dr. Taner Akçam by Fresno State News.

Nearly a Million Genocide Victims, Covered in a Cloak of Amnesia by Sabrina Tavernise in 3/8/2009 New York Times.

Muharrem Sev's summary

Will Untapped Ottoman Archives Reshape the Armenian Debate? Turkey, Present and Past by Yücel Güçlü in the Spring 2009 issue of The Middle East Quarterly Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry General Directorate of State Archives

Turkey's Image and the Armenian Question by Osman Bengür in the Spring 2009 issue of Turkish Policy Quarterly

Noah's Dove Returns. Armenia, Turkey and the Debate on Genocide

Turkish Armenian Relations by Dr. Nursen Mazici in Radikal daily, Istanbul, June 30, 2008.

Roger Cohen's review of Christopher de Bellaigue's Rebel Land: Unraveling the Riddle of History in a Turkish Town in 9/30/10 The New York Review of Books.

An Inconvenient Genocide: Who Now Remember the Armenians? by Geoffrey Robertson QC

Genocide Education Project, Holocaust & Genocide Education from University of Minnesota,

The Armenian Genocide Museum-institute,

Armenian National Institute,

The forgotten genocide from Jewish Quarterly,

Links from The Armenian Genocide Education Website Australia,

Armenian Genocide Documents from German Archives,

Armenian Genocide Resources from Ohio State University,

Armenian Genocide from Wikipedia.

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